Drag, build, enough.

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Together with progress and city planning, a number of problems associated to them will appear. Sometimes, what at first is only an invitation to populate the territory becomes a mad dash to mutual extinction due to these contingencies.

“Drag, Build, Enough” tries to show these issues, encouraging the user to fill out a territory through three dimensional blocks by simply dragging the mouse through the canvas.  Blocks decrease their size and increase their transparency with the distance -towards the upper side of the canvas- in order to magnify the three-dimensional effect.

The initial vacuum of a desert landscape, plus the ease of the procedure work together with the invitation to build, tempting the user to build as fast as the system allows. The presence of a growing pollution cloud which threatens to hide the buildings stimulates the action, until the landscape becomes completely destroyed. Then is “enough”.


“Drag, Build, Enough” was my final work after a five weeks introductory MOOC to Processing 2.0 language in Coursera platform (http://coursera.com):

Introduction to Computational Arts: Processing
By Dr. Margaret Schedel & Timothy Vallier, Jan 2014
Consortium for Digital Arts & Technology (CDACT)
Stony Brook University and Coursera


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Miguel Serrano Jerez, 2014

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